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Just as Malaysia is fast becoming the region’s hub for medical tourism, Metro IVF is also one of the leading destination for international patients. Whatever your reason may be for seeking treatment away from home, the process can be easier, safer, more efficient and affordable than you think, as Metro IVF is at the forefront in serving our patients from the world over. You can rely on our discretion, expertise and experience.

You can contact us via email ( for an appointment or enquiry. You can also call our IVF Counsellor directly at +6019-2900 938, via text messages, or using messaging apps such WhatsApp.

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Support for International Clients

To ensure that efficiency of each visit by our clients, Metro IVF has narrowed down the IVF treatment to just two visits. This means you can plan well in advance.

During the first visit, you will undergo the pre-treatment assessment to determine which stimulation protocol is best for you. You will be provided with the necessary mediation to take when you get home, as well as your treatment schedule. This visit takes two (2) days. You will also be assigned a counsellor to guide you through the whole process via the communication channel of your choice (e.g. emails, phone calls, text messages).

During the second visit, the team at Metro IVF will perform the final assessment of follicles, womb preparation, oocyte pick-up, embryo transfer and luteal support. This visit will take 10 to 12 days.


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