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In obstetrics, we provide pre-pregnancy screening and counseling, as well as family planning counseling, antenatal care, delivery procedures, and postnatal care. During antenatal care, the obstetricians and ultrasonographers will regularly monitor maternal health, fetal growth, and abnormalities. High-risk mothers will be evaluated further by additional tests such as Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) and amniocentesis. Our goal is to ensure healthy mothers and healthy babies. Throughout your pregnancy, through delivery and beyond, we will give you and your baby personal attention and the care that you need.

Antenatal Check-up

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey to motherhood. During the antenatal period, the nine months before delivery, regular antenatal check-ups will predict, prevent and detect maternal and fetal complications during pregnancy. This is necessary because 15% of pregnancies will have significant complications where treatments and interventions will be needed.


The symptoms of pregnancy include:

1. Missed period

2. Breast tenderness

3. Nausea sensation and vomiting

4. Increase frequency of urinating

5. Backache and rib pain

6. Heartburn

7. Fatigue


Normally, the first antenatal visit will be carried out between five to 12 weeks of your missed period. The first visit is important to:


1. Confirm pregnancy (not all missed period is due to pregnancy)


2. Determine if pregnancy is still ongoing


3. Determine gestational age and estimated date of delivery (EDD)


4. Identify early pregnancy problems such as threatened miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy (embryo implants and grows outside the womb), and molar pregnancy (abnormal fertilization of an egg by sperm)

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