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Semen analysis is a scientific examination of semen fluid using a microscope to investigate male infertility or the effectiveness of vasectomy. The parameters and the normal values commonly used are the ones standardized by World Health Organization (WHO).


In order to obtain an accurate analysis, the instructions listed below should comply with sample collection:


  • 3 to 5 days of abstinence prior to semen collection

  • Inform the nurse if you were sick or on any medication for the past 2 months

  • Collection by masturbation is preferred

  • Do not use lubricant, soap, or perfume during sample collection

  • Avoid spillage when the sample is collected

  • The sample must be delivered to the lab within one hour after ejaculation

  • The analysis is preferably done at the fertility center

  • In the laboratory, after the sample liquefies, the criteria below are determined:

However, the accuracy of the semen analysis might be affected by individual variability and environmental and physiological factors. You are advised to repeat the test after 3 months if your result is abnormal. A man cannot be diagnosed as infertile as long as there are alive sperm in the semen.

You may improve the quality of your semen by:

  • Avoiding alcohol intake

  • Avoiding smoking

  • Avoiding high-temperature places such as spas, hot baths, springs, etc

  • Taking zinc or vitamin E supplement, and

  • Taking antibiotics subscribed by the doctor if there is a high count of WBC in your semen.

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